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All New CutefishOS and DE Comes to Linux World

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In the world of Linux there is always a movement, but I do not know if as many now. New features are constantly emerging, but the reality is that, in recent years, we need to intensify improvements to mobile operating systems and their applications. A good example, good for me, was given this year: the JingOS which can even be tested and which will be installed with the emphasis on the JingPad A1. A few days ago I wrote an article about the possibility that we will soon see JingDE , and today they actually started talking about CutefishOS , which is not yet sure to be relevant ( Updated : emphasize that they share segments, but different teams).

The project is very new, so much so that your forum It is empty and on their website they do not provide much information about it. If we go to Twitter , yes we can see that it exists and can already be installed CDE on Arch Linux, which is a desktop that uses the CutefishOS operating system. So far, if I haven’t found anything, they do not say what they are based on, but Manjaro has already released the “Unstable” version by CDE, and that’s what you can see in the screen leading to this article.

CutefishOS and Desktop Envariment

Little is known about CutefishOS, but we can even test its desktop also availabe to download soon,,,

I was even surprised to see the CDE interface. It is very similar to that of JingOS, which also looks a lot like iPadOS . Like JingOS, Cutefish has created a bunch of apps that look great on your desktop, but they are so similar to what we saw in JingOS that, with the little information they provided, they are all inconvenient. It is known to use other KDE software, such as KWin or Kate.

In the official website they say it will provide a confirmed Linux experience that will be built on Linux solid rock, but they do not mention it anymore. Considering that Manjaro was the first to promote it, it is easy to assume that it will be based on Manjaro if it is based on Arch Linux, and if we consider that CDE is already in Arch hotels.

CutefishOS is not available for download at this time, but you can try CDE at Manjaro Cutefish , something I’m doing right now in GNOME Boxes and I can only say it’s very fast. To find out more we will have to wait for the manufacturer’s team to provide more information.


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