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All New Heroic Games Launcher, The Epic Games Store client for Linux

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Communities linked to Linux tend to be quite active, which is why on many occasions they are able to fill the gaps left by companies that do not provide support. One of those companies that does not finish giving good support to Linux is Epic Games, which years later still does not publish a client of its store for the Open Source system, so the community has decided to react to create Heroic Games Launcher , of which version 1.9 has recently been released.

With the above, it is not necessary to explain that the Heroic Games Launcher is an unofficial client of the Epic Games Store. Because Epic Games does not support its store for Linux, all video games are run through Wine or some re-implementation of it. Version 1.9 of the application has come with quite a few improvements in both performance and user experience.

The first thing that stands out in Heroic Games Launcher 1.9 is the improvement in performance thanks to the execution of requests in the background since the library information is cached. In this way, it has been possible to speed up the start of the application and improve the browsing experience.

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The home screen has been redesigned and the ability to start the minimized application and a tracker have been added so that the user has information on how long they have been playing each title. The quality of the tray icons has been improved and from now on, when clicked to install from the library, the Heroic Games Launcher will display a window with the options to install or import the game.

Other changes in the interface are that the main theme has been changed to shades of blue, the position of the search bar from the navigation bar to the application header has been changed, eliminating the possibility of downloading several games at the same time Due to a bug and changed UI elements on game cards so that they always show the title and install, setup and play buttons.

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Specifically for Linux, we have through Wine support for FidelityFX Super Resolution and the resizable bar (the latter requires NVIDIA RTX to work). For Linux and macOS, Wine and Prefix information has been added to the game page.

Both the full details of Heroic Games Launcher 1.9 and the installers for the app itself are available from the release notes posted on GitHub . Despite not being an official product, the application code is published under the GPLv3 license , so, like Minigalaxy , it offers maximum transparency on that front. It is also important to note that it is a cross-platform development, offering support for Windows (still in beta) and macOS (limited to running Windows games through Wine / Crossover).

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