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AlmaLinux, free for Microsoft Azure users

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We have talked on other occasions how the disappearance of CentOS in its original form has led many companies to look for alternatives. In fact, from MCPRO we have recommended several to consider to replace your “old installations” of CentOS.

One of the most popular is AlmaLinux 8.4, which is in the news today because it has announced its availability for the Azure Marketplace completely free of charge, since Microsoft will promote the development of a worldwide network of mirrors for this operating system.

Although AlmaLinux is an OpenSource OS and completely free (those interested can download a copy at this link ), until now, in its version for the Azure Marketplace, its use had a cost of a few cents per hour, at which there is than adding the own cost of Azure.

In addition and as a result of this announcement, AlmaLinux and Microsoft will work together to offer more documentation and educational material for Azure users who want to use this OS The first version of AlmaLinux was published last March and since then, according to the data available detached from Docker Hub, more than 70,000 copies have been downloaded .

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