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Alpine Linux 3.14.2 released

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The Linux distribution Alpine Linux 3.14.2 released. Alpine Linux is a lightweight distribution that is often used in containers and has a special focus on security. This is also noticeable in the changes in this version, since in addition to normal updates, some security updates have also been incorporated into this version.

alpine Linux 3.14.2

In the announcement, the development team describes that the recently disclosed security holes in OpenSSL have been fixed in this version. In addition, the Rust programming language has been updated so that a vulnerability in connection with IPv4 addresses should no longer be exploitable. More details on the vulnerability can be found in the advisories here . As a result, different programs that were written in Rust were recompiled. In addition to Rust, the programming languages ​​Go, Ruby and PHP have also been updated.

Various other packages have also been updated in version 3.14.2 of Alpine Linux. The code hosting platform Gitea was upgraded to version 1.14.6, the XMPP server Prosody to version 0.11.10 and the Firefox web browser to version 78.12.0. The nextcloud and nextcloud20 packages are now available in versions 21.0.4 and 20.0.12 respectively. The list of all new features can be viewed in the gitlog. If you want to try the latest version of Alpine Linux, you can download the ISO files for different architectures from the official website


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