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Alt Server, Alt Workstation and Alt Education 10.0 Released

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The release of three new products based on the tenth ALT platform (p10 Aronia): “Alt Workstation 10” , “Alt Server 10” , “Alt Education 10” . The products are supplied under the License Agreement , which provides the opportunity for free use by individuals, but legal entities are only allowed to test, and for use it is required to purchase a commercial license or conclude a license agreement in writing.

The tenth platform provides users and developers with the opportunity to use Russian systems Baikal-M, Elbrus with official support for systems based on Elbrus-8SV (e2kv5), Elvis and compatible, as well as a wide range of equipment from world manufacturers, including POWER8 / 9 servers from IBM / Yadro, ARMv8 from Huawei, and a variety of ARMv7 and ARMv8 single board systems including Raspberry Pi 2/3/4 boards. For each architecture, the assembly is carried out natively, without using cross-compilation.

Particular attention is paid to free solutions that allow corporate users to migrate from a proprietary infrastructure, ensure the continuity of a unified directory service for enterprises and organizations, and provide remote work with modern means.

  • ” Alt workstation 10 ” – for x86 (32- and 64-bit), AArch64 (Raspberry Pi 3/4) , e2k / e2kv4 / e2kv5 ( « Elbrus”);
  • ” Alt server 10 ” – for x86 (32 and 64 bit), AArch64 (Huawei Kunpeng, ThunderX and others), ppc64le (YADRO Power 8 and 9, OpenPower), e2k / e2kv4 / e2kv5 ( « Elbrus”);
  • ” Alt 10 Formation ” – for x86 (32- and 64-bit), AArch64 (Raspberry Pi 3/4) , e2k / e2kv4 / e2kv5 ( « Elbrus”).

In the nearest future Basalt SPO plans to release the Alt Server V 10 distribution kit . Simply Linux is expected in December with Virtualization Server. The beta version of Alt Server V 10 already exists and is available for testing on platforms x86_64, AArch64 (Baikal-M, Huawei Kunpeng), ppc64le (YADRO Power 8/9, OpenPower). Also in the first quarter the distribution kit “Alt Workstation K 10” with the KDE Plasma environment is expected to be released .

Users of distributions built on Platform Nine (p9) can upgrade from the p10 branch of the Sisyphus repository. New corporate users can get test versions, while private users are traditionally offered to download the required version of Alt OS free of charge from the Basalt SPO website or from the new download site . Options for Elbrus processors are available to legal entities that have signed an NDA with MCST JSC, upon written request .

In addition to expanding the range of hardware platforms, a number of other improvements have been implemented for the Alt OS version 10.0 distributions:

  • Real-time Linux kernels : Two real-time Linux kernels are built for the x86_64 architecture: Xenomai and Real Time Linux (PREEMPTRT).
  • OpenUDS VDI : A multi-platform connection broker for creating and managing virtual desktops and applications. A VDI user selects a template through a browser and, using a client (RDP, X2Go), connects to his desktop on a terminal server or in a virtual machine in the OpenNebula cloud .
  • Extending Group Policy Set : Supports gsettings for managing MATE and Xfce workspaces.
  • Active Directory Administrative Center: admc is a graphical application for managing AD users, groups and group policies, similar to RSAT for Windows.
  • An extension of the deploy platform for deploying and configuring roles (for example, PostgreSQL or Moodle). Added the following roles: apache, mariadb, mediawiki, moodle, nextcloud; however, for the mediawiki, moodle and nextcloud roles, you can change the administrator password without worrying about the internal implementation in a particular web application.
  • Added alterator-multiseat – module for configuring multi-terminal mode.
  • Support is provided for devices based on Baikal-M processors – tf307-mb boards on the Baikal-M (BE-M1000) processor with SD and MB-A0 revisions with SDK-M-5.2, as well as Lagrange LGB-01B (mini-ITX) boards …
  • Updated package versions, including the proposed Linux kernel (std-def) 5.10 (5.4 for Elbrus), Perl 5.34, Python 3.9.6, PHP 8.0.13 / 7.4.26, GCC 10.3.1, glibc 2.32, llvm 12.0, systemd 249.1, samba 4.14, GNOME 40.3, KDE 5.84, Xfce 4.16, MATE 1.24, LibreOffice 7.2.

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