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Asahi Linux is taking shape for Apple M1

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The Asahi Linux project is working on porting the free operating system to the current M1 architecture from Apple. Progress is explained in a monthly status report. The primary focus of the latest development is the inclusion of important components in the Linux kernel. The declared goal of Asahi Linux is to publish all improvements directly in the respective upstream projects.

The have already been merged for the 5.16 kernel PCIe bindings , which also allow other operating systems such as OpenBSD to use the same boot loader. In addition, the required could already be included PCIe and USB-C drivers in the kernel tree. A driver to support the power management is in the verification , as is the CPU frequency scaling phase , on which the final work is being carried out.

Asahi Linux is taking shape for Apple M1

There is currently still a lack of hardware acceleration for the GPU. According to tests, however, it is already possible to use desktop environments with software acceleration, which due to the high-performance M1 chip can be used faster than, for example, on a Rockchip ARM64 with hardware support. One of the next goals is the development of the GPU kernel interface.

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An installation program developed by the project is intended to help with the easy setup of the operating system in the future.


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