auto-cpufreq ; Automatic CPU speed & power optimizer for Linux

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Automatic CPU speed & power optimizer for Linux based on active monitoring of laptop’s battery state, CPU usage, CPU temperature and system load. Ultimately allowing you to improve battery life without making any compromises.

Why do I need auto-cpufreq?

One of the problems with Linux today on laptops is that CPU will run in unoptimized manner which will negatively reflect on battery life. For example, CPU will run using “performance” governor with turbo boost enabled regardless if it’s plugged in to power or not.

Issue can be mitigated by using tools like indicator-cpufreq or cpufreq, but these still require manual action from your side which can be daunting and cumbersome.


  • Monitoring
    • Basic system information
    • CPU frequency (system total & per core)
    • CPU usage (system total & per core)
    • CPU temperature (total average & per core)
    • Battery state
    • System load
  • CPU frequency scaling, governor and turbo boost management based on
    • battery state
    • CPU usage (total & per core)
    • CPU temperature in combination with CPU utilization/load (prevent overheating)
    • System load
  • Automatic CPU & power optimization (temporary and persistent)

Installing auto-cpufreq ;

Snap store

auto-cpufreq is available on snap store, or can be installed using CLI:

sudo snap install auto-cpufreq

How to run auto-cpufreq ;

auto-cpufreq can be run by simply running the auto-cpufreq and following on screen instructions, i.e:

sudo auto-cpufreq

auto-cpufreq modes and options ;


sudo auto-cpufreq --monitor

No changes are made to the system, and is solely made for demonstration purposes what auto-cpufreq could do differently for your system.


sudo auto-cpufreq --live

Necessary changes are temporarily made to the system which are lost with system reboot. This mode is made to evaluate what the system would behave with auto-cpufreq permanently running on the system.

Install – auto-cpufreq daemon

Necessary changes are made to the system for auto-cpufreq CPU optimizaton to persist across reboots. Daemon is deployed and then started as a systemd service. Changes are made automatically and live stats are generated for monitoring purposes.

sudo auto-cpufreq --install

After daemon is installed, auto-cpufreq is available as a binary and is running in the background. Its stats can be viewed by running: auto-cpufreq --stats

Since daemon is running as a systemd service, its status can be seen by running:

systemctl status auto-cpufreq

If install has been performed as part of snap package, daemon status can be verified by running:

systemctl status snap.auto-cpufreq.service.service

Remove – auto-cpufreq daemon

auto-cpufreq daemon and its systemd service, along with all its persistent changes can be removed by running:

sudo auto-cpufreq --remove


If daemon has been installed, live stats of CPU/system load monitoring and optimization can be seen by running:

auto-cpufreq --stats

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