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Available Fedora 36 with GNOME 42 and Wayland for NVIDIA

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fedora 36

fedora 36 It is now available as the latest version of the community distribution sponsored by Red Hat, which is also the great pioneer of the technological advancement of Linux. This time we find more of the same, but updated, so GNOME 42 stands out, the establishment of Wayland by default for the NVIDIA driver and the update of compilers and interpreters for various programming languages.

We begin the compilation of novelties with the most obvious: the presence of Gnome 42. The close relationship between GNOME, Fedora and Red Hat is no secret, so the distribution has de facto played the role of reference for the desktop environment. here the implementation is pretty pure (there are only a few cosmetic changes), so to a certain extent it can be said that it invites the user to try the experience that it offers by default.

As a consequence of using the base implementation of the desktop, Fedora 36 draws directly and unaltered on the virtues of GNOME 42, of which the dark mode improvement, libadwaita addition (which is not in Ubuntu 22.04 LTS), the arrival of the Console and the new text editor, the hardware acceleration support for the video player and the web browser (Web/Epiphany), the new and very revamped screen grabber , plus improvements to DMA-BUF and screen capture and sharing support from Wayland.

Fedora 36 Workstation.

Although Fedora has always been associated with GNOME, little by little the spin with KDE Plasma is gaining ground. This time we meet KDE Plasma 5.24 LTS with all its news, which encompass a GNOME-like view of activities, an even more energized KRunner, the ability to choose the accent color, and improved notifications. Here Wayland is used as the first option at least for Intel and AMD, since Fedora is one of the main supporters of the protocol also in KDE.

Another important novelty is the use of Wayland by default with the always controversial NVIDIA driver. In case of problems, the Xorg session is still present two clicks from GDM.

Continuing with the desktop editions, we don’t want to forget about the immutable ones, Silverblue and Kinoite, which stand out for the profound paradigm shift they introduce through OSTree. Both editions now mount the ‘/var’ directory in their own Btrfs subvolume and have new requirements for akmod kernel binary modules introduced.

Fedora 36 Kinoite.

As far as programming and software development-related technologies are concerned, Fedora 36 brings the default usage OpenJDK 17 to cover Java, Golang 1.18LLVM 14, GCC 12 together with Glibc 2.35, PHP 8.1, Podman 4.0, Django 4.0, Ruby 3.1, PostgreSQL 14, and Ruby on Rails 7.0. If you are going to work professionally with Ruby and the framework Rails might prefer to configure the development environment with rbenv.

As miscellaneous components Fedora 36 provides OpenSSL 3 for cryptography, Autoconf 2.71 for automatic configuration of package source code, Ansible 5 for automation, Stratis 3.0 as a means of configuring and monitoring LVM and XFS and pairing them with ZFS and Btrfs, plus MTL 7 for video editing. There’s also Linux 5.17 and Mesa 22.0, but the mention of those components isn’t very important because they are constantly being updated during the life cycle of a distribution version.

But Fedora is not only about desktop and software development, as it offers a lot of editions that cover all kinds of areas, including servers, tools for scientists, containers, IoT and robotics. The container (CoreOS) and IoT editions use OSTree, so they are immutable systems.

And for those who dislike GNOME and KDE Plasma there are other spins available with LXQt, LXDE, MATE, Xfce, i3 and Cinnamon. At the architecture level, x86_64, ARM and PowerPC are supported, but not all editions support all three architectures.

All the details of Fedora 36 can be consulted through the list of changes and the official announcement, while the different editions of the system can be obtained by direct download or torrent.

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