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Available Zorin OS 16 Lite with all the flavor and half the calories

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It has been done to beg, but it is already here Zorin OS 16 Lite, the light edition of the most recent version of this popular distribution focused on the common users, with special attention for those who come new, especially from Windows. Or so Zorin OS has always sold herself.

In the case of Zorin OS 16 Lite, whose particularity is to use the Xfce desktop environment (4.16), comes almost four months after its main release, based on a modification of GNOME. What caused the gap between the previous release and the present? There are no details about it.

Thus, Zorin OS 16 Lite comes with the same new features of Zorin OS 16 that we already saw at its launch, both in substance and form, except those of GNOME: based on Ubuntu 20.04 LTS, including components such as Linux kernel 5.11 or Mesa 21; refined visual theme, new wallpapers, revamped desktop layouts, a new welcome wizard …

Other new features of Zorin OS 16 Lite shared with the main edition of the distro include the flatpa bracketk (via Flathub) pre-installed and enabled by default (for Snap I already had it), as well as improved support for installing Windows applications using “a built-in database that detects popular Windows installation files, so the system can guide you through through the installation process.

Zorin OS 16 Lite

Zorin OS 16 Lite

East improved support for installing Windows applications It is perhaps the highlight that Zorin OS 16 brings at the software level. As you might expect, Wine is in charge of making everything work, while the distribution provides a kind of wizard activated by default to automate and facilitate the process. In more detail, this is how they explain it:

“Zorin OS now comes with a built-in database that detects popular Windows installation files, so the system can guide you through the installation process. If the system recognizes the .exe or .msi file you ran, it will automatically suggest that you install the application or game (or its closest alternative) from the recommended source, be it a native package from the software store or an installer optimized for Linux for a PC game on Lutris or Steam. It also provides you with a simple and informed option to install Windows App Support if you want to run the Windows version of the application or game. »

You can read all the news about Zorin OS 16 Lite in the official launch announcement. In the download page You will find the installation images of the two main editions, including the one that concerns us and which is also available in the Pro edition. We will explain the differences between one and the other in the note that we dedicate to this version, although on the same page there are a comparative table.

Finally, the project is pleased that, in these four months since the launch of Zorin OS 16, it has exceeded one million downloads of this version.

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