Avast announces its commitment to the OpenWallet Foundation and Linux Foundation Europe

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Avast , the well-known security solutions company of Czech origin, has publicly shown its commitment to become one of the founding partners of the OpenWallet Foundation (OWF) , a project with which The Linux Foundation intends to promote a collaborative effort to create a base open source technology that serves to create interoperable digital wallets.

Avast explains that the OpenWallet Foundation has three goals: to develop and maintain a robust open source engine for world-class digital wallets, to ensure interoperability between digital wallets, and to advocate for a level playing field for all digital wallet providers. As we said on the previous occasion , the purpose is to open a market that today is strongly controlled by two players, Google and Android, so the purpose of the OpenWallet Foundation is for more participants to join the competition by taking advantage of the software base. Open Source which is expected to develop under its umbrella.

On the other hand, the Czech cybersecurity company has also said that it is proud to join Linux Foundation Europe to foster open source collaboration and innovation on the European continent. The newly established entity is an independent, vendor-neutral sponsor of open source projects that spans the public and private sectors, as well as individual contributors.

Linux Foundation Europe will establish an advisory council for its members to influence the direction and priorities on the European continent. Supporting members include Ericsson (platinum level), Accenture (gold level), Avast (silver level, and the same with the following), Bosch, XP Semiconductors, TomTom, the Bank of England, the Swedish Research Institute ( RISE) and SUSE .

Andy Tobin, Europe Business Director Digital Trust Services at Avast, a NortonLifeLock brand, commented, “ Becoming a founding member of Linux Foundation Europe represents the next step in our commitment to protecting digital freedom and advancing open ecosystems . We look forward to continuing to collaborate with other European companies and consortia, helping Europe lead the world on issues such as privacy, data protection, digital wallets and digital trust infrastructure .”

Avast shows its commitment to open technologies through its support of both the founding of the OpenWallet Foundation and its silver level membership of Linux Foundation Europe. Gabriele Columbro, CEO of the Linux Europe Foundation, commented that they are “ delighted that Avast is supporting the launch of the Linux Europe Foundation and the intention to launch the OpenWallet Foundation. Collaboration is key to strengthening the challenges and opportunities facing European public and private sector constituencies .”

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