If you don’t want to upgrade to Windows 11, here are some Best Linux distros to adapt

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 If you don’t want to upgrade to Windows 11, here are some Best Linux distros to choose, after end support of most popular Windows 7, and although there are some extraordinary measures you can take to continue using the system that give you a minimum of security, it is not recommended at all. Keep in mind that it is still possible to upgrade to Windows 10 or Windows 11 for free, but if you refuse, you also have the option of trying your luck with Linux.

Distributions abound and although the experience will never be the same as Windows 7 or Windows 10, neither better nor worse but different, and you will have to go through an adaptation process, there are some Linux distros that make this process a little easier than others. Those are the ones that we are going to recommend below:

Linux Mint

Linux Mint 20.2
Linux Mint

This is perhaps the best known distro for friendly behind Ubuntu, the difference is that the Linux Mint desktop environment is currently more comfortable to use for someone who comes from something like Windows 7 than the GNOME that Ubuntu uses, and that could become quickly in gonadal pain that also consumes resources in excess.

With Linux Mint and the Cinnamon desktop you will find yourself in a relatively familiar environment and at the same time full of new things to explore . The system includes most of the basic tools necessary to navigate, play multimedia content, and edit documents. It is not necessary to use the terminal for practically anything, and you have a software center where you can search for applications.

You just have to keep in mind that with this or any other distro, you will have to adapt to the absence of some other software product , especially Microsoft Office, that although you have alternatives such as LibreOffice already installed, it will not be the same. It will depend on each particular case how much of a problem this is.

  • Download Linux Mint 20.2

Ubuntu Mate

Ubuntu Mate
Ubuntu Mate

You have been hearing about Linux and Ubuntu as synonyms for years, and it seems to you that if it is the most famous name it must be the best, we are not going to blame you. Ubuntu is also a great option, but Ubuntu there is not just one but several flavors . Ubuntu “by default” uses GNOME as an environment, and it is one that is very resource demanding and very different from what you know from Windows 7.

That is why we are going to recommend that if you want an Ubuntu you opt for one like the good Ubuntu Mate, a version that looks more like Linux Mint and that is also designed to consume less resources than something with GNOME, and that uses more window management. similar to what you use in Windows , but not limited to it thanks to the different options it offers.

  • Download Ubuntu Mate 21.04

Elementary OS

Elementary OS
Elementary OS

Although with elementary OS you are going to get a somewhat different desktop and more similar to macOS than Windows, the shock is not really strong due to the simplicity of the interface and how easy it is to learn to move in the workspace .

Compared to the other options, elementary OS also enjoys low resource consumption , and also has a software center loaded with interesting applications to solve many needs. It is perhaps an option with a higher learning curve, but if its appearance catches your attention, you could give it a try.

Note: the suggested price when buying is just that, a suggestion, you can pay what you want or nothing for the distro.

Zorin OS 16

Zorin OS
Zorin OS

Zorin OS must emphasize it because one of its main objectives has always been to offer a system that causes the least amount of friction for someone who does not want anything too different from Windows . In addition, its latest version offers an important extra and is a great integration with Android .

Its hardware requirements are very low . With 2GB of RAM and a 1 GHz Dual Core processor, the normal version is enough for you, but you can even use it on a computer with just 512 MB of RAM, 8 GB of storage space and an absurd 700 MHz single-core processor , in its Lite version, something almost inconceivable in the year 2020.

Zorin OS 16 has several versions, the most complete is Pro, but that costs 39 euros. If you want the basic version with everything you need and the interface more similar to Windows 11, download Zorin OS 16 Core for free, or Zorin OS 16 Lite for computers with very few resources.

If you’re a bit more adventurous, you could try another couple of friendly distros like Manjaro , KDE Neon , or even Fedora . But since the options are almost limitless in the world of Linux distros, if we can recommend all the ones that seem decent, we would never finish, and with too many options comes paralysis by analysis. These four that we have described are all quite robust and a good alternative to Windows 7 to Windows 11.


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  4. Why didn’t you mention MX Linux? It beats all of the above hands down! I’m running it on all four of my laptops and will never go back to Ubuntu or Mint! TOO BUGGY!

  5. Where are Linux Lite, Nitrux, Solus, NixOS, PeppermintOS, and Antix?

  6. Hey TechStoney, the image you used for elementary OS is both old and not the default look of the OS. Would you mind changing it for other that reflects more accurately the state of the platform as of today?

    The elementary team provides media kits with screenshots if you need some.

    Hell, i would send you one of my own default desktop if that it is what it takes lol

    Thanks, nice article.

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