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Brave Browser offers video conferencing

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A long time ago, Brendan Eich had equipped his Brave browser in the Nightly versions with the video conferencing service Brave Together for testing. Now the service has been incorporated directly into the stable version of the browser as Brave Talk . Behind this is an implementation of Jitsi as a service with WebRTC from the provider 8 × 8 . Brave Talk is available for the desktop as well as for Android and iOS.

Initiation only in brave

The service can be reached under the URL and initiating a chat only works from brave. The initiator can then invite other people who can also use other browsers. Video chats 1: 1 are free of charge; for team conferences with up to several hundred people, the service costs 7 US dollars per month. The handling is self-explanatory and anyone who has used Jitsi once will immediately understand the functions. If a chat initiated checks the browser whether the function Brave rewards (Brave Rewards) is turned on. If this is not the case, it will only continue after activation.

Brave Browser offers video conferencing

Encryption, no recording of metadata

According to the announcement, Brave Talk users can enable multiple levels of encryption for calls so that a potential eavesdropper cannot eavesdrop on users’ conversations, and the developers assure in their announcement that the servers do not store metadata, so calls, images and activities are never without consent recorded or shared with the user.

Brave Browser offers video conferencing

Additional functions

Brave Talk offers users of the free version, among other things, video group watch, YouTube live-streaming and unlimited call times. For users who use the premium version, the service also offers call recordings, hosting tools such as participant mute and input passcodes and more. The Android and iOS apps from Brave currently only offer Brave Talk Premium and will only be equipped with the free version in the coming weeks.

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