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Canonical to offer enterprise support for Blender LTS

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Canonical has partnered with the Blender Foundation to provide pro-level support for the LTS versions of the 3D graphics creation and rendering solution, and things have more crumbs than it first appears.

Today Blender is a software that does not require any presentation, especially because thanks to the good work of the foundation that supports it, it is currently one of the benchmark solutions within the segment, being used by artists and project experts. as EVANGELION: 3.0 + 1.0 . Apart from that, it has been one of the great bastions of free software for years, since its base code is published under the GPLv2 license.

The purpose of the alliance is to offer users “a support path for teams and studios as Blender implements its user-centric LTS model at the enterprise level ” . It is important to note that we are talking about something supplied through the official Canonical channels, so it is paid . On the other hand, it seems that it is not limited to covering the Ubuntu LTS versions, but, according to the company responsible for the distribution, it will also cover Windows, macOS and other Linux distributions.

In other words, people who hire this support, whether they are Linux, Windows or macOS users, will be able to contact Canonical engineers who will provide them with comprehensive technical support so that they can understand, diagnose and resolve problems as quickly as possible. The company responsible for Ubuntu will be in charge of managing the entire process, including integration with the Blender support infrastructure.

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From the outset it seems that both parties are excited about the agreement, as Mark Shuttleworth, Canonical’s founder and CEO, has said that “it is a privilege to support Blender and the fantastic work of this remarkable community, its founders and leaders. Today’s announcement empowers Blender with Canonical’s full-service support and long-term security maintenance, and offers in partnership with the Blender Foundation the level of assurance that professional Blender content creators need ” .

For his part, Ton Roosendaal, president of the Blender Foundation , commented that “the way Canonical structured this service with us is exemplary for the open source movement. I think it will set a new standard for how independent, free groups of manufacturers who really care about their products and users participate in the market and shape the future of the industry ” .

It seems that Canonical scores a point with this alliance with Blender by becoming a kind of official support provider for the 3D graphics creation and rendering solution. We will see if this movement ends up bearing fruit and spreading to other projects.

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