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CentOS Stream 9 Daily Build Available to Download With GNOME 40.1

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Moat awaited CentOS 9 now turned upstream of RHEL from downstream supper secure and solid state due to IBM’s Redhat ditched CentOS. Recently Rocky Linux 8.3 RC Released and CentOS Started to gear ups with its version 9, well today I’m going to provide you CentOS Stream 9 Daily build .iso Download with GNOME 40.1 for testing purpose.

CentOS Stream 9 daily Build comes with The Latest Linux Kernel 5.12, as well as GNOME 40.1 same as Fedora 34 Build (fedora also known as RHEL upstream build), CentOS Stream 9 Ships with By Default Wayland window manager also CentOS Stream 9 added New Redhat Subscription Manger for Paid Support from Redhat, Firefox 88.0.1(when stable build available maybe CentOS Stream 9 comes with Firefox 89 with new Proton interface)

DOWNLOAD CentOS Stream 9 Daily Build .iso

CentOS Stream 9 Daily Build Screenshots Preview :

CentOS Stream 9 Daily Build Information
CentOS Stream 9 with GNOME 40
Cent OS Stream 9 Redhat Subscription Manager

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