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Chrome OS 94 Released

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The release of the operating system Chrome OS 94 has been published , based on the Linux kernel, the upstart system manager, the ebuild / portage build toolkit, open components and the Chrome 94 web browser . The user environment of Chrome OS is limited to a web browser, and instead of standard programs, web applications are used, however, Chrome OS includes a full-fledged multi-window interface, desktop and taskbar. Chrome OS 94 is available for most current Chromebooks. Enthusiasts have formed unofficial assemblies for ordinary computers with x86, x86_64 and ARM processors. Source texts are distributed under the free Apache 2.0 license.

Major changes in Chrome OS 94 :

  • Improved the quality and realism of the voice in the function of reading aloud text in the selected block (select-to-speak). Facilities for people with disabilities have been expanded.
  • When the operation of moving a tab to another window is performed, the desktop labels are displayed and the windows of one desktop are grouped.
  • The camera app has built-in functionality to scan documents, crop unnecessary backgrounds, and save the document as a PDF

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