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ClamAV 0.104.0 introduces LTS program

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ClamAV® is an open source antivirus engine for the detection of Trojans, viruses, malware and other threats and represents the standard for defense against these threats under Linux. ClamAV 0.104.0 has just been released as a new stable version.

LTS program launched

The developers have announced the project’s blog a new Long Term Support (LTS) program on as part of an update of their End-of-Life (EOL) policy. The LTS program begins retrospectively with the last major version, ClamAV 0.103. The new LTS policy extends the lifespan from 0.103 to September 2023. LTS editions are supported for a minimum of three years.

Each LTS version is supported with critical patch versions and access to signature updates for the duration of the three-year support period. A new LTS feature release is presented approximately every two years. Non-LTS releases are supported with critical patch versions for at least four months from the original release date of the next feature release or until the release of the next feature release. For detailed information on the Long Term Support Program, see the LTS Announcement blog post and the LTS Policy in the online documentation.

New scan option

Among the improvements in ClamAV 0.104.0 is a new scan option that warns of incorrect media file formats. This feature reduces the risk of malicious changes to media files intended to exploit vulnerabilities in other software. To activate this function, in the configuration file clamd.confthe new option AlertBrokenMediaon yesor when calling Clamscan the parameter --alert-broken-mediabe used.

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Now also in the Docker container

Furthermore, ClamAV received a long awaited official Docker image , so that ClamAv can now run in a Docker container. There is an introduction to this in the ClamAV documentation. ClamAV now offers Windows users the opportunity to clamdand freshclamrun as Windows services. In order to bring new versions of ClamAV to the users faster, new packages are available. These include packages for x86_64 as DEB and RPM as well as an ARM64 macOS installer that is compatible with Intel and Apple M1 systems. In the future, the developers hope to supplement this offer with ARM64 Linux DEB and RPM packages and an x86_64 FreeBSD package.

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