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CloudLinux: CentOS 8 can get updated support before the end of 2025

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When the parent company RedHat announced that it would shift its focus from CentOS Linux to the CentOS Stream distribution that refactored RHEL, many CentOS users felt that they were officially abandoned. Because the support period for CentOS 8 will end at the end of 2021 instead of 2029. Fortunately, CloudLinux has stepped up and announced that it will renew CentOS 8 until December 31, 2025.

CloudLinux: CentOS 8 can get updated support before the end of 2025

For existing CentOS 8 customers, this provides ample time for everyone to migrate to a suitable Linux distribution.

Of course, CloudLinux is not unselfish. If this move can attract CentOS 8 users to migrate to their own AlmaLinux operating system (a commercial customized Linux distribution based on CentOS / RHEL), it would be great.

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CloudLinux representatives said in an interview with ZDNet that many of the company’s CentOS 8 customers are calling for extended support so that they have time to decide whether to move to Ubuntu, RHEL, CloudLinux OS, or other CentOS 8.x branches (such as AlmaLinux). Or Rocky Linux).

CloudLinux: CentOS 8 can get updated support before the end of 2025

It is reported that CloudLinux TuxCare life cycle extension service can provide 24/7 update support for system components on most Linux distributions (such as Ubuntu 16.04 / CentOS 6 / Oracle 6).

Even if these components are no longer supported by the original supplier (that is, the end of life date/EoL has been reached), CloudLinux TuxCare can be a good supplement.

Prior to this, CloudLinux TuxCare has left a long-term and solid record in Linux distribution development, testing, security patch deployment, and software package updates.

For security vulnerabilities with Common Vulnerability Scoring System (CVSS) ≥ 7.5, the average delivery cycle of patches is two days-far more efficient than the original vendor, and CloudLinux has provided support for more than 100,000 CentOS servers.

Although the company has not announced its pricing, we guess that the actual costs will not go too far. With reference to CentOS 6, TuxCare starts at $4.25 per month for each instance.

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