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CrossOver 21.0.0 Announced

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CodeWeavers announced the release of CrossOver 21.0.0. CrossOver is a commercial version of WINE available for Linux, macOS and ChromeOS. Thanks to the free implementation of a Windows API, games and other software can be run on the supported platforms. The new version CrossOver 21.0.0 mainly brings improvements for gaming under macOS, but also some bug fixes for Linux users.

CrossOver 21 contains an update to WINE 6.0, which brings improvements for a large number of applications. One of the most interesting functions of WINE 6.0 is the Vulkan backend for wined3d. This function is activated by default for 64-bit Direct3D 10/11 games under macOS if DXVK is not activated. Support for Xbox Series X / S and PlayStation 5 DualSense controllers has also been improved for macOS. These now also work via Bluetooth. In addition, macOS users can now also use a dark mode.

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CrossOver 21 brings several fixes for Office 2016/365 on Linux, including better support for multi-monitor configurations and a fix for problems entering a password to log in and activate Office. Both ChromeOS and Linux users should notice faster startup times when opening CrossOver 21.

Users with an active contract are automatically offered the new version. A 14-day trial version invites you to get to know each other. An annual license of CrossOver including updates and support costs 59 euros, a license for life including telephone support is 475 euros. CrossOver buyers directly support the further development of WINE, which is the basis of CrossOver. Innovations in CrossOver are ported back to Wine, and CodeWeavers also employs some WINE developers

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