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CrossOver 21.1 supports running GTA V and recovers Outlook 2016/365

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CodeWeavers has announced the publication of CrossOver 21.1, the first maintenance release of version 21 that comes with enhancements for some of the most popular Windows applications. For the lost, this software is the commercial implementation of Wine, developed by the main contributor to the compatibility layer (Wine leader Alexandre Julliard is an employee of CodeWeavers), and is available for Linux, macOS, and Chrome OS. .

The main novelty of CrossOver 21.1 is that now the popular video game Grand Theft Auto V is officially supported on Linux and macOS, including also GTA Online. The game can be run both through Steam (we assume the Windows version of the application) and through Rockstar’s own launcher. Despite having appeared in 2013 for PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 and seen the light in 2015 for PC, GTA V it is still one of the most popular video games today.

For Linux, support for Outlook 2016/365 has been restored, one of the most recent versions of the mail client that is part of the well-known Microsoft office suite. On the other hand, dependency problems have been resolved to offer a better experience with Chrome OS and macOS Monterey is officially supported as of this release.

CrossOver 21.1 also includes some corrections, among which those directed to the most recent versions of Quicken and Ubisoft Connect to correct the problems they were having when executing them with the compatibility layer. This is in addition to the improvements made to WineD3D and the Wine Mono update to version 6.3.

Despite the fact that Wine is one of the most impressive and possibly valuable works of engineering in free software, its use over the course of the past decade has been declining due to the proliferation of cross-platform applications through technologies such as framework Electron web applications (Atom, Visual Studio Code …). However, Valve decided to bolster its Linux bet with Proton, a modified Wine reimplementation made to make it easier to run Windows video games on Linux and macOS. Despite what has been done by the company behind Steam, CodeWeavers remains the main contributor to Wine.

CrossOver 21.1 can be obtained with a trial period for Linux, macOS and ChromeOS from the CodeWeavers website, because as we have already said, it is a commercial application.

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