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Cutie Shell – new user interface for Linux phones and more

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There are already several interfaces for mobile operating systems. This ranges from the Phosh developed for the Librem 5 to Plasma Mobile by KDE and Lomiri, the former Unity8, which is being further developed for Ubuntu Touch, to the lightweight Sxmo, which was recently released in version 1.5.0 . In addition, there is Hildon at Maemo Leste, Glacier at Nemomobile, Pangolin Mobile UI for dahliaOS as the essence of the best of Linux and Fuchsia OS and a few more.

For Linux and Android phones

Brad Lindner is now presenting on the website Linux Smartphones another new development . The new addition, which is both a QtWayland compositor and a shell, is called Cutie Shell and is inspired by the proprietary interface of Sailfish OS. In addition to Qt, QML, C ++ and WML are used. The project was initiated by the Finnish developer Erik Inkinen, who recently presented the project for the first time on Twitter. Inkinen is also involved with Droidian, which we will get to in a moment.

Droidian as a basis

The developer describes the current status of the project, which is just two weeks old, as pre-alpha. Nonetheless, it already runs on PinePhone, Jolla Phone, Xiaomi Redmi 7, OnePlus 6t and Google Pixel 3a. The Android-based devices are based on Droidian , a GNU / Linux distribution based on Mobian .

Mobian auf Android-Phones

The goal of Droidian is to make Mobian work on Android phones using technologies such as the compatibility layer libhybris and the Halium project . Accordingly, Cutie Shell can be used in addition to Linux Phones on all devices on which Droidian can run. Instructions for installing the Cutie Shell are available on the otherwise not very informative website. The development can be followed on GitHub .

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