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Dash to Dock now officially supports GNOME 40 (but not GNOME 41)

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One of the most criticized things about GNOME 40 is the fact that it broke compatibility with many extensions due to the large number of changes it introduced. Despite this, the extension developers have not given up, so after many months of waiting, Dash to Dock 70 has recently arrived as stable for GNOME 40 compatibility.

This means that users no longer have to install Dash to Dock on GNOME 40 manually from the GitHub repository, but can instead go the standard way of going to the corresponding website within the GNOME Extensions site.

Dash to Dock 70 offers support for GNOME 40, but beware, for now only this version of the desktop environment is supported. Users of GNOME 3.38 and earlier will have to fall back to version 69 or earlier of the extension depending on their level of compatibility. On the other hand, it does not seem to work in the recent GNOME 41 either , so it can be said that Dash to Dock 70 is oriented to Ubuntu 21.10, an operating system that, at least initially, does not need this extension because it already uses a dock.

The correct execution of Dash to Dock in GNOME 40, especially in Ubuntu 21.10, may need some troubleshooting. The user would first have to press the key combination “alt + F2”, type the letter ‘r’ and press the enter key. Failure to do this after installing the extension may make the application launcher invisible.

The second thing to keep in mind is that modifying the Dash to Dock configuration also affects the Ubuntu dock, the changes being permanent even after uninstalling the first one. This could be because the Ubuntu dock is based on Dash to Dock. Third, and not least, for now you cannot install the extension using the brand new Snap version of Firefox used by Ubuntu 21.10 (it does not work with the Flatpak package either).

Well, it is already a reality, after many months of waiting, Dash to Dock now officially supports GNOME 40, although this release may not satisfy everyone because, at least for now, it is incompatible with Fedora 35 and whatever distribution you are using. GNOME 41 right now.

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