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Debian 11.1.0 Bullseye Update Released

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The Debian Release Team released the first point release for the mid-August this Saturday, Debian 11 Bullseye released in.

As usual with such point releases, the update mainly fixes security problems that have accumulated since the last update, along with a few adjustments for serious problems in applications. These adjustments are only made in the point releases if no regressions are to be feared. A total of 74 bugs were fixed and 24 security problems were fixed. The details can be found in the announcement of the publication .

Please update promptly

Users who update frequently will have already received many of the changes. Otherwise, existing users play the updates via the package management via sudo apt update && sudo apt full-upgradea. For new installations, fresh images will be made successively over the next few days available . By the time Debian 12 “Bookworm” is released, nearly a dozen more point releases will follow.

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