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Debian 11.2 Update Download

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Debian 11.2 bullseye Update Download, The second corrective update for the Debian 11 distribution has been published , which includes the accumulated package updates and fixed bugs in the installer. This release includes 64 updates that address stability issues and 30 updates that address vulnerabilities.

Changes in Debian 11.2 include an update to the latest stable versions of the containerd, golang (1.15) and python-django packages. Libseccomp adds support for syscalls for newer Linux kernel releases, up to 5.15. Added the rustc-mozilla package , which is required to build from sources newer versions of firefox-esr and thunderbird. The wget utility resolves the problem with loading files larger than 2GB on 32-bit systems.

To download and install “from scratch” in the near future, installation assemblies will be prepared , as well as a live iso-hybrid with Debian 11.2. Previously installed and kept up-to-date systems receive the updates that are present in Debian 11.2 through the standard update installation system. Security fixes included in new Debian releases are made available to users as updates become available through the service.

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