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Debian gets its own AUR

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What the AUR (Arch User Repository) is in Arch Linux, the DUR (Debian User Repository) will in future be in Debian. In both cases, this concerns packages that are not available in the official repositories of the respective distribution or are not available in the current version and are therefore provided by users for users in the form of PKGBUILD recipes.

The developer Hunter Wittenborn has the project a few days ago presented . He always shuttled back and forth between Arch Linux and Ubuntu, but found its PPAs unacceptable, which inspired him to DUR. This is not an official Debian project, even if the design of the website might suggest it.

The principle of DUR is the same as that of Arch Linux’s AUR. In the case of DUR, the instructions available as PKGBUILD are with the tool bundled makedeb into an installable DEB package . Wittenborn takes the used by Arch Linux makepkg as a basis. The package manager still under development mpm , which is supposed to facilitate the installation and updating of the resulting DEBs, is . It is also intended to clone packages from the AUR and the Arch Linux repositories on Debian and Debian-based Linux distributions. The third tool is called makedeb-db and is supposed to implement the dependencies between Arch packages and their Debian counterparts.

This sounds like a beneficial addition for Debian Stable and Ubuntu, but the same concerns apply here that also apply to the AUR. You cannot trust the packages offered there per se. It is helpful to read and understand the PKGBUILDs and thus to be able to assess the security of a package. Less experienced users have to trust the votes that a package receives.

There are currently only 17 packages in the list, it remains to be seen whether the project will take off. Anyone interested in DUR should have a the documentation look at . There is a support channel on Matrix.

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