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Deepin 20.2.4 integrates global desktop search

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Barely a month and a half have passed since its previous launch and is here Deepin 20.2.4 , a smaller version than the Chinese distribution takes advantage of to introduce a new feature, as well as a maintenance update to use.

If you are already using Deepin 20 and keep your system updated, you don’t have to do anything else, because you are up to date, but if you want to install the distribution from scratch, Deepin 20.2.4 is the recommended one at the moment. Although the truth is that we would have to go back a little earlier, to the launch of Deepin 20.2 , the latest regular version until what seems like a conscious change in development and releases.

In summary, Deepin 20.2 was followed by Deepin 20.2.1 only with corrections, and since then the versions that have followed have been dedicated to applying patches, but also new features of relative importance, but one by one. Thus, Deepin 20.2.2 introduced a new application store with support for Android applications; Deepin 20.2.3 did the same with integrating OCR support to extract text from images …

… And Deepin 20.2.4 launches what its developers have called an ” effective global search “, a new search function with which “quickly find the information you want”, they have in the official announcement . And what does this effective global search consist of? In what you imagine.

Deepin 20.2.4 integrates global desktop search

Access to the global search for Deepin 20.2.4 is in the form of a magnifying glass icon in the system tray, a bit Windows-style, but also KDE-style once you run it, because what you will see appear in the The middle of your screen is a search field in which to enter the term, one or more keywords with which to find applications, files and more.

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And how does the global search of Deepin 20.2.4 differ from that of KDE Plasma through the applications menu or KRunner (this is what it looks like), that of GNOME or that of any other Linux desktop that I have it? In nothing. And then Deepin did not have something like that? Well, you can see that not … At least, as it is implemented now.

Other new features of Deepin 20.2.4 include the update of the two kernels available by default, Linux 5.13.13 or Linux 5.10.60 LTS , the update of the NVIDIA graphics drivers, corrections, improvements and optimizations on the desktop and the applications of the same…

With the exception of global search, Deepin 20.2.4 brings the usual maintenance update, whose download you will find on the official page … But remember: choose an alternative download server (Google Drive, SourceForge, BitTorrent …) if you don’t want rot waiting

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