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Deepin 20.6 improves the app store and privacy

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Deepin 20.6 It is already among us to continue the development and evolution of the best-known Linux distribution of Chinese origin. As we can see, it is a project with a very active development and with constant releases, so let’s see what it has brought this time.

The first thing that has been highlighted in Deepin 20.6 is the app store (App Store), which now supports in the filtering and sorting of search results differentiating between native Linux, Windows, and Android apps. In this way, it is intended that the user easily find the application that he really wants.

The browser has included new settings that allow data to be deleted automatically, which added to the function of encrypted cookies The default settings should greatly improve the security of data flowing through such an application.

Deepin 20.6 application store

Continuing with more things from Deepin 20.6, disk utility has received a new logical volumes feature which, at least on paper, improves the scalability of the system and makes the application more comfortable to use. On the other hand, in the installation on the entire disk it is possible to assign the size of the root partition manually, which allows the user to define the amount of disk space that he really wants it to occupy.

The large search or global search function is able to locate and view files and distinguish them through fields such as last modification time and main path, while the OCR text extraction feature has been optimized to improve speed recognition and accuracy.

Apart from the highlighted applications, we find an updated kernel to Linux 5.15.34 along with NTFS3 enabled, better support for dragging in the file manager, the ability to add and customize custom event types in the calendar, as well as support for accounts and correspondence that rely on the Exchange protocol in the app of mail.

Deepin 20.6 disk tool

All the details of Deepin 20.6 are published in the official announcement, while the system can be obtained from the corresponding download section on the official website of the project.

Deepin is a distribution that stands out for its striking aesthetic finish and that aims to be an easy-to-use and user-friendly operating system. At first it was based on Ubuntu, but for a long time it has been based directly on Debian, to which they add their own desktop environment (Deepin), their own applications and update the kernel and Mesa stack in order to offer a better hardware support. We leave you with a video that summarizes the main features.

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