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Devuan 4.0 Alpha is based on Debian 11 Download

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Devuan 4.0 Alpha is based on Debian 11 Available to Download and Test before officially stable release.

In February the developers of the Devuan distribution had with version 3.1.0 introduced a third init system , Runit, and Systemd was not one of them. Devuan has followed Debian’s releases since 2014, but removed Systemd. While the versions 3.x are based on Debian 10 »Buster«, the now released Devuan »Chimaera« 4.0 Alpha follows the Debian 11 »Bullseye«, which is due for release soon.

The Devuan website does not yet reflect the release following the initiation of the full freeze for Debian 11 over the weekend. However, on the NLUUG mirror , the images are already available as live ISO in 32- and 64-bit. If Devuan is already installed, the source list can also be adapted to the testing repository:

deb chimaera          main
deb chimaera-updates  main
deb chimaera-security main

Download Devuan 4.0 Alpha .ISO :

Devuan 4.0 Alpha.iso

Devuan GNU+Linux 3.1.0

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  1. Adam Burns Reply

    Raspberry Pi 0,1,3 and 4 (2 coming soon) alpha nightly builds of Chimaera are available for feedback here before moving to

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