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Devuan GNU/Linux 4.0 Available to Download

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Devuan GNU+Linux is a Linux distribution forked from Debian in 2015. The project’s primary goal is to provide a variant of Debian without the complexities and dependencies of systemd.

The latest version of Devuan includes options for running the SysV, runit, and OpenRC init software implementations. “What’s new in Chimaera 4.0? Based on Debian Bullseye (11.1) with Linux kernel 5.10. Your choice of init: sysvinit, runit, and OpenRC. Improved desktop support – virtually all desktop environments available in Debian are now part of Devuan, systemd-free. New boot, display manager and desktop theming. Enhanced accessibility: installation via GUI or console can now be accomplished via software or hardware speech synthesis, or using a refreshable braille display, and Devuan Chimaera has the ability to install desktop environments without PulseAudio, allowing speech synthesis in both console and GUI sessions at the same time.” Further information on the new release can be found in the project’s release announcement.

Download Devuan 4.0 GNU Linux :

devuan_chimaera_4.0.0_amd64_desktop.iso (3,546MB, SHA256, signature), devuan_chimaera_4.0.0_amd64_server.iso (642MB, SHA256, signature).

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