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Distribution kit for mobile phones NemoMobile 0.7 Released

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After more than a year of development, an updated distribution kit for mobile phones NemoMobile 0.7 version was released, using the developments of the Mer project, but based on the ManjaroArm project. The system image size for Pine Phone is 740 MB. All applications and services are open under GPL and BSD licenses and are available on GitHub .

NemoMobile was originally planned as an open replacement for Nokia’s Harmattan project and was developed in collaboration between the community and Jolla. However, over time, Jolla focused on the partially closed SailfishOS without paying due attention to the open part of the Mer – NemoMobile project. The last release of NemoMobile took place in April 2013

In 2019, a team of enthusiasts began the transfer of NemoMobile components from the Mer base to the Manjaro base. There have also been projects to port NemoMobile to other operating systems like Fedora and OpenEmbedend. The main reason for moving from the Mer base was obsolete components. In particular, Mer still uses version 5.6 of Qt due to licensing restrictions.

Fedora Linux 37 intends to end support for 32-bit ARM architecture

At the moment, the NemoMobile components have been migrated to Qt 5.15 and other modern versions of packages. Added missing apps like contacts, mail, browser, settings, weather, batch manager, polkit agent and authentication plugin.

The main problems now remain unresolved by sending SMS (the reception is working) and voice calls. Currently available images for PinePhone and PineTab, as well as images for the Google Pixel 3a and Volla Phone.

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