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Elementary OS 6.1 Jolnir Available to Download and Upgrade

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Elementary OS 6.1 Jolnir Available to Download and Upgrade, The elementary team have announced the release of elementary OS 6.1 which carries the codename “Jolnir”. The new release features the same base operating system as 6.0, though with a number of evolutionary improvements.

Some of these changes affect the distribution’s software centre: “AppCenter continues to fill out with apps from developers—and since the move to Flatpak, all apps that have been released for OS 6 will continue to be available on OS 6.1 and beyond. You can currently find over 90 curated apps in AppCenter, and developers have continued to push out rapid and frequent updates to their apps with new features and bug fixes, as they’re in control of their own update schedule. Our shift from Debian packages to Flatpak for both curated and non-curated apps also means we’re able to lean more on Flatpak features, and we’ve been using this as an opportunity to make AppCenter much more engaging and informative right from the start – directly addressing feedback about the discoverability of the wide variety of apps in AppCenter.” Additional information is available in the project’s release announcement

Elementary OS 6.1 Jolnir Available to Download and Upgrade

Download Elementary os 6.1 .iso :

elementaryos-6.1-stable.20211218-rc.iso (2,539MB).

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