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EndeavorOS, 4MLinux, MX-21, elementary OS, VSCode, Vivaldi …

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We are heading to the December bridge and to make it a little more enjoyable, here is a PING With a selection of little things among which you can surely find something that interests you, be it to try, to read or just out of curiosity.

  • EndeavorOS 21.4. We start as always, yes, with hot releases, of which the new look of EndeavorOS is a good starting point for those who want to install Arch without complications, but not only that. All the news, in the launch announcement.
  • 4MLinux 38.0. We continue with the launch of the new stable version of 4MLinux, that multidisciplinary distro whose “four emes” mean maintenance (and rescue), multimedia, mini-server and mystery (games). More information in the official announcement.
  • MX-21 «AHS». Following the release of MX Linux 21, the project developers have seen fit to publish an installation image with advanced hardware support enabled by default, thus avoiding complications for those who need it. More info in the official announcement.
  • elementary OS 6. It is not the same, although it looks like it, and the elementary project has published the new monthly update for elementary OS 6, with a good little big pile of news to his credit, as they reel in the official announcement.
  • Visual Studio Code 1.62. We now turn to the applications, although we talk about another monthly update, in this case the one received in October (November’s still to be announced) by the most popular code editor on the scene, VSCode, also with a lot of new features.
  • Vivaldi 5.0. Warm this week we have the launch of Vivaldi 5.0, the new version of the browser for ‘power users’ that as usual comes with different novelties for practical purposes. In MC you can read the news that we have dedicated to it.
  • Microsoft Edge ‘Linux Easter Egg’. Speaking of browsers, Microsoft Edge has become one of the most interesting also for Linux, although everything goes to taste, needs and principles. On this occasion, however, we mention it only because of a very Linux-friendly Easter egg that they collect in OMG! Ubuntu!.

To finish, a curious video that came out a few days ago, but that is worth rescuing, we repeat, just as a curiosity: the official ‘trailer’ of Devil may cry 5 for the Steam Deck …

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