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All New Fedora 33 Update Download

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Fedora 33 : What’s New?

The version of Fedora 33 contains a lot of important changes that will finally land in the final version as well.

For instance, the transition to Btrfs filesystem for Fedora Workstations and Spins across x86_64 and ARM architectures, a more approachable GNU Nano editor as default, and enabling earlyOOM by default to improve system responsiveness while running out of memory.

Previously Fedora 32 introduced a new edition, Comp-NeuroFedora lab to enable computational neuroscience.

Likewise, the latest Fedora 33 has also added a new edition, Fedora IoT, as an official Fedora edition for those looking for a lightweight yet powerful and scalable core OS for the Internet of Things project.

Here are the highlights of the key features of Fedora 33 :

  • Switch from Ext4 to Btrfs file system by default
  • GNOME 3.38 desktop environment
  • Fedora IoT as an official edition
  • Nano as default terminal text editor
  • earlyOOM by default in Fedora 33 KDE Beta
  • Better thermal management and peak performance on Intel CPUs
  • Animated background by default
  • Removal of Python 2.6 and Python 3.4
  • Updated versions of popular packages like Ruby, Python, and Perl


  • Fedora 33: x86_64 DVD ISO
  • Fedora 33: aarch64 raw image

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