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Fedora 35 Testing Build Download With GNOME 40.3

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Fedora 35 Testing Build Download With GNOME 40.3 (upcoming build maybe comes with GNOME 41 Alpha1) and Wayland Support with NVIDIA Graphic Drivers

As Ubuntu 21.10 Daily Build now I’m providing Fedora 35 Testing Daily Build, you can test Fedora 35 version we hope final build of fedora 35 comes with GNOME 41 Alpha1 version, GNOME 40.3 had lots of big and significant changes with their GNOME 40.2 version, in GNOME 41 Alpha1 Build we aspect final release with lots of stability and more improvement than GNOME 40 with Wayland stable support for NVIDIA graphic card users and many more things with supper solid stability (obviously not as Rocky Linux 8.4)

Fedora 35 testing Build comes with GNOME 40.3 build with NVIDIA Wayland support by default, with updated firewalld v1.0.0, Boost v1.76, GNU Toolchain update (gcc 11, glibc 2.34, binutils 2.37, gdb 10.2) with faster and flexible cache support and use for SSSD with fiollowing packages update and some changes.

Updated and changes in Fedora 35 Rawhide testing Build 17-07-2021
  • Autoconf upgrade from version 2.69 to the last upstream version 2.71 in Fedora 35
  • Fedora 35 will attempt to use DNS over TLS (DoT) if supported by configured DNS servers.
  • Fedora” is the name of our project. Our general-purpose Linux distribution is “Fedora Linux“. Let’s refer to it that way in the OS itself.
  • Enabling third-party repositories will now create a Flathub remote that is a filtered view of Flathub.
  • Switch the Fedora 35 GNU Toolchain to gcc 11 (latest point release), binutils 2.37, and glibc 2.34.
  • Rebase of Golang 1.17 in Fedora 35
  • LLVM 3 : Update all llvm sub-projects in Fedora to version 13
  • Node.js 16.x by default
  • The OpenSSL 3.0 and the dependent packages are rebuilt
  • Fedora 35 Testing Build Comes with a new Perl 5.34 version
  • Python 3.10 : Update the Python stack in Fedora 35 from Python 3.9 to Python 3.10
  • Update RPM to the 4.17 release.
  • Update the PHP stack in Fedora to the latest version 8.0.x

Download Fedora 35 Testing Build with GNOME 40.3

Fedora 35 Rawhide Testing Build .iso

Fedora 34 Stable Version Download


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