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Fedora Linux 35 Stable Available to Download with GNOME 41

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Fedora Linux 35 Stable Available to Download with GNOME 41, The Fedora 35 team have announced the launch of Fedora 35. The new version of Fedora ships with GNOME 41, the PipeWire audio system, and the WirePlumber session manager. “We switched the default audio system to PipeWire in Fedora Linux 34, and now we’re improving this by adding the new WirePlumber session manager.

WirePlumber allows for more customization of the policy and rules for audio and video. It provides a richer development experience and adds bindings for most languages. If you enable the third-party repositories that ship in Fedora Linux desktop variants, those repositories are now immediately available. Additionally, enabling third-party repositories now makes selected Flathub applications available via a filtered Flathub remote. This eases access to a curated list of applications that will not cause legal or other problems for Fedora to point to, does not overlap Fedora Flatpaks, and works reasonably well.” The release announcement offers further details. 

Download Fedora 35 : 

Fedora-Workstation-Live-x86_64-35-1.2.iso (1,916MB, SHA256torrent), 

Fedora-Server-dvd-x86_64-35-1.2.iso (2,129MB, SHA256torrent.

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  1. Have just finished installing fedora 35.
    All seemed well until I came to check languages as I do speak Amharic, Tigrinia and Geez.
    Some idiot has given Geez the name ”Geezna”. This is the utmost of stupidity and ignorance.

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