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Fedora Linux 37 intends to end support for 32-bit ARM architecture

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For implementation in Fedora Linux 37 scheduled transfer into the discharge legacy architecture ARMv7, also known as ARM32 or armhfp. All development efforts for ARM systems plan to focus on the ARM64 (Aarch64) architecture. The change has not yet been reviewed by the Fedora Engineering Steering Committee, which is responsible for the technical development of the Fedora distribution. If approved, the last 32-bit ARM release will be Fedora 36 with updates until June 2023.

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The general rollback of the distribution for 32-bit systems is cited as reasons for the end of support for ARMv7, as some of the new security and performance enhancements in Fedora are only available for 64-bit architectures. Until now, ARMv7 has remained the last 32-bit architecture fully supported in Fedora (repositories for the i686 architecture were discontinued in 2019, only multi-lib repositories for x86_64 environments remained)

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