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Feren OS 2021.10 Available to Download

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Feren OS 2021.10 Available to Download, Feren OS is a desktop Linux distribution based on Ubuntu and featuring the KDE Plasma desktop. The project’s latest snapshot is Feren OS 2021.10 which includes a new lock screen, new splash screen, and a customized Firefox experience.

“The once scrapped configuration for Firefox has now made its way, now repurposed and improved for normal browser usage, into Firefox in Feren OS, both via a new package called firefox-config-feren, and an update to Web Browser Manager that now pre-installs this configuration of Firefox alongside the browser itself, effective starting Feren OS 2021.10. Enjoy Mozilla Firefox, now with: Compact Mode and no titlebar by default. None of that Stories stuff in New Tab (and other New Tab distractions). No Pocket by default. Library being in the toolbar (as was intended by Mozilla themselves during early Proton design ideas) instead of Pocket’s button. Most, if not all, the Telemetry values being off, including the ones you can’t change via Settings. Home button in the toolbar by default. Skipped Welcome Screens to allow you to get right into the action…. Additional information is provided in the project’s release announcement.

Feren OS 2021.10 Available to Download

Download Feren OS 2021.10 :

Feren-OS-standarddt.iso (2,429MB, pkglist).

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