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Firefox 91 and Firefox 91 ESR Available

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In the course of today Mozilla will release the next version of the browser with Firefox 91. At the same time, Firefox 91 ESR will be released, replacing Firefox 78 ESR from the end of June 2020. This means that Firefox users with extended support will also receive the new Proton interface. If you want to use the old user interface for as long as possible, you can still use the two upcoming versions Firefox 78.14 ESR and 78.15 ESR, which allow a delay until October.

Practical changes

Firefox 91 doesn’t offer any spectacular new features, but it does offer some practical improvements for the supported operating systems. Simplified printing, which was rationalized away a few versions ago, was reintroduced. In order to use must be selected in the print dialog under the entry More Settings, the option, the option Simplified in order, for example, to omit unnecessary elements when printing web pages.

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Changed download

There is also a change in the download behavior. Up to now, downloads in Firefox could either be saved in the download folder of the distribution or opened with an application. Previously, downloaded files were deleted after the first run, which always surprised users when they wanted to start the file a second time. With Firefox 91, all downloads are now saved and the option to open or save is no longer available.

Another change in this context means that the download display has changed during the download. There you will now see the remaining time indicating that the download will open after the download. If you download an ISO image, for example, this is automatically offered for unpacking in Ark when using the plasma deskmtop. These changes to the download behavior must currently still be made manually under about:configto be activated. To do this, the parameter must be set to truebe set. I find the coupling of the two changes a bit unfortunate, because if you have always saved downloads before, you now have to close an additional window after the download.

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Find tabs more easily

The option Switch to Tab in the address bar is now also available in private mode. with is now also in private mode Firefox 83 option introduced The HTTPS-only available . This forces all connections to websites to use HTTPS. If HTTPS is not available, a warning will be displayed with the option to open the page with HTTP.

SSO for Windows

On Windows, Firefox 91 provides SSO (Single Sign-on), which you can use to log into Microsoft, business and school accounts using the Windows 10 access data. The option can be in the settings under data protection and security activated . As always, Mozilla closes some security holes with the new version, which on their evening after the official release security page will be published in the . The official release notes can only then be viewed.


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