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Firefox continues to lose users

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Mozilla’s Firefox is one of the most popular alternatives to Chromium-based browsers. It is the standard choice for Linux users and privacy-conscious users on all platforms. But despite all its advantages as one of the best web browsers around, it has become less and less important in recent years. To put a figure on this loss, you can take a Public Data Report look at Firefox’s , which has been collecting data since January 2019.

According to official statistics, the reported number of active (monthly) users was 244 million in January 2019 and 198 million at the end of July 2021. This corresponds to a decrease of almost 20% within two and a half years. A more differentiated picture emerges when looking at individual countries:

  • Russia – 33%
  • France – 27%
  • USA – 25%
  • Brazil – 18%
  • Germany – 16%
  • If – 7%
  • China + 8%

Firefox was only able to record growth in China. The reasons for the losses are varied:

  • Google Chrome as the default web browser on Android
  • Microsoft Edge as the default web browser for Windows
  • Google (as a search engine) recommends that users install Google Chrome
  • Some web services are exclusive to Chromium-based browsers
  • Constant changes in the Firefox web browser
  • Missing major performance improvements in Firefox

The Chromium-based web browsers have now achieved a quasi-monopoly position, which will lead to the further displacement of niche browsers such as Firefox.


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