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First stable release of Microsoft Edge browser for Linux

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Microsoft has formed the first stable build of the Edge browser for the Linux platform. The repository contains the “microsoft-edge-stable_95” package, available in rpm and deb formats for Fedora, openSUSE, Ubuntu and Debian. The release notes now mark Linux builds as official, but the main browser site does not yet include the Linux platform among the supported platforms and continue to offer beta and dev versions for Linux distributions.

The release is based on the Chromium 95 engine . Edge for Linux supports all the standard features previously available for Windows and macOS, including support for connecting to a Microsoft account, a mode for selectively clearing cookies and deleting various session data when the browser is closed, the ability to attach annotations to pages, three modes of blocking web trackers and code for visitor tracking, synchronization between devices, parental mode, SmartScreen anti-malicious activity, vertical tabs, tab grouping, collections, an interface for comparing prices in online stores and a “reader” mode. An experimental ” Super Duper Secure ” mode is also available in the browser.“(edge: // flags # enable-super-duper-secure-mode), which disables JIT and enables JIT-incompatible hardware protection mechanisms CET (Controlflow-Enforcement Technology), ACG (Arbitrary Code Guard) and CFG (Control Flow Guard) for processes that process web content.

Wine 6.20 and Wine staging 6.20 Released

Recall that in 2018, Microsoft began developing a new edition of the Edge browser, translated to the Chromium engine and being developed as a cross-platform product. While working on the new browser, Microsoft joined the Chromium development community and began returning the Edge improvements and fixes to the project. For example, improvements related to technologies for people with disabilities, touchscreen control, support for the ARM64 architecture, improved scrollability, and multimedia data handling have been transferred to Chromium. D3D11 backend for ANGLE has been optimized and refined , interlayers for translating OpenGL ES calls to OpenGL, Direct3D 9/11, Desktop GL and Vulkan. The WebGL engine developed by Microsoft is open source.


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