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Flax Engine 1.2 incorporates Support for Linux and FidelityFX Super Resolution

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Despite struggling not to fall into irrelevance, the Linux desktop has garnered enough interest to be supported by projects that would have given it long in the past. One of those theoretically small projects that have bothered to support Linux is Flax Engine , an ambitious video game engine that aims, at least initially, to gain a foothold in the field that solutions such as Unity and Godot are disputed.

Flax Engine is still under construction, or in other words, it does not have all the features that its developers intend to provide. For now it is focused on 3D, although there are plans to support 2D. It supports C # and C ++ interchangeably to conform to the industry standard and aims to offer powerful cross-platform support. Last March we unveiled this project and, from what you can see, it looks good, but it is important to note that it is from code available under your End User License Agreement (EULA ), that is, that it is proprietary software.

Flax Engine version 1.2.6222 came out recently with some new features interesting . For starters, we have the support to compile for Nintendo Switch , which is added to those of Linux, Windows, Android, PS4. Xbox One, Xbox Series X / S, UWP. On the other hand, low-level network support, dynamic textures based on visibility, a plugin for FidelityFX Super Resolution, vehicle support, localization support and tools, a new icon editor, delay nodes in the visual scripting interface, programmable sampler support in shaders, optimized scene rendering and improvements in the use of Vulkan and temporary antialiasing.

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Flax Engine seems like a living project, or at least that seems to come off the release notes of version 1.2.6222, which adds more than 100 fixes to the large number of new features it brings. We will see if future releases continue with the same dynamics and if these efforts begin to translate into an increase in the number of users.

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All the details about Flax Engine 1.2.6222 and its source code are available from the official release announcement . The engine and editor can be used from Windows and Linux at no cost for educational or non-commercial purposes, but there is a 4% fee if a game manages to sell $ 25,000 or more each quarter. In other words, in order to pay those responsible for the Flax Engine, a game has to be relatively successful.

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