FreeBSD Development for the second quarter of 2021

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A report has been published on the FreeBSD project website outlining developments in the operating system for the second quarter of 2021. Developers have successfully released the latest stable version of FreeBSD 13.0 , which, among other things, has abandoned dependencies on older versions of GNU tools and made progress in supporting the arm64 architecture. .

In this report, as usual, the progress in the development of FreeBSD and its further direction was presented as usual. One of the novelties is the upcoming system installer with a graphical interface, which could be an alternative to the console installer bsdinstall in the near future. An advantage of the new installer could also be the extended possibilities of creating scripts for complete automation of the system installation process.

Another novelty is similarly the improvement of the state of graphics card drivers to the level of the Linux 5.7 kernel. At the same time, development also continues to support compatibility with Linux binaries. The number of ports and available software packages most recently exceeded 44200. In addition to software updates, improvements to network card support or enhanced ZFS file system functionality as part of its open OpenZFS implementation can be expected until the next release of the next version of FreeBSD.

Finally, securing financial support for development through the FreeBSD Foundation, which has raised $ 70,000 from individual contributors and companies over the past period, is certainly good news.

The full report with further details was published on the project website .

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