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Game functionality fixes in Wine 6.14

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The development version of Wine 6.14 recently introduced a list of feature improvements and bug fixes that will delight, especially gamers on Linux. Some of this news could also be positive news for the development of Proton as part of Steam Play.

The latest innovation in Wine 6.14 is an update that brings a total of 30 bug fixes. A significant part of these fixes concern relatively important improvements in support for various games. These fixes are likely to find their way into the future development of Proton for Linux operating systems.

As part of the Mono Collection update to version 6.3.0, developers have been able to fix several bugs that caused Autodesk 3ds Max 9 to crash, as well as support for the functionality of several DirectX 11-based games. Nor fixes for specific game titles.

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A separate fix for the Wineserver component resolved an issue with CPU overload when running Star Citizen and World of Warcraft games. Saving progress in Grand Theft Auto V should now work smoothly, and loading GRID Autosport, Dead Rising and Sea of ​​Thieves could be just as flawless. Stability improvements have also come for the EVE Online launcher.

A complete list of all news and fixes, with more details can be found in the report on the project website . Wine’s active development is constantly advancing and users can expect another fix pack soon.

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