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GCompris 2 arrives with new activities to improve mental ability

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The KDE project today announced the release of GCompris 2.0, the new major version of the educational entertainment software suite aimed at children between the ages of 2 and 10. Its name comes from the French phrase “J’ai compris”, which in Spanish means “I have understood”.

As a development that falls under the KDE umbrella, GCompris is free software, although its license was changed from GPLv3 to AGPLv3 in March 2021. The suite has taken some important turns throughout its history, since initially It was built with GTK, C and Python to pass in 2014 to Qt, QML and C ++ and to be under the shelter of its current matrix. On the other hand, in 2020 the versions for Windows, macOS and Android became free, so they began to be distributed under the same conditions as the version for Linux.

Now covering what the suite itself offers at the application level, GCompris provides more than 170 educational activities and games. According to the KDE project, “It is used by teachers, parents and, most importantly, by children from all over the world”, being able to perform the function of “An accessory in classrooms and at home” by giving “children the opportunity to practice a wide range of skills while having fun”.

GCompris 2.0 comes with some new games and activities that are sure to come in handy for kids during the Christmas holidays that are just around the corner. The first new activity is called Baby mouse (baby mouse) and it’s aimed at teaching the little ones to use a computer for the first time. Once started, the user is presented with a friendly environment with brightly colored ducks in which they can use the mouse or a touch screen to interact.

With Sort Numbers and Sort Letters, children who already know the numbers and letters can practice their ordering, while in Sort Sentences Reading and grammar are practiced by classifying the parts of sentences. With the Positions activity it is possible to practice reading comprehension and spatial location.

Oware, a traditional African strategy game included in GCompris 2.0.

Oware, a traditional African strategy game included in GCompris 2.0.

To train the mind has been included Oware, a traditional African strategy game that requires foresight and arithmetic skills. GCompris 2.0 allows you to play Oware with another person or against the machine, which in this case will be “embodied” by Tux, the Linux mascot.

The four route activities, which are absolute route encoding, relative route encoding, absolute route decoding, and relative route decoding, children will learn to interpret abstract directions. In them the user will use arrows to indicate a direction on the map or relative to the orientation of Tux to direct it towards the flag or the correct path.

Many maps have been redone in GCompris 2.0 and others have been added For the purpose of teaching not only the location of nations and regions, but also so that children can visit and learn about famous places and monuments. Finally, we could not leave out the activities aimed at teaching the basic concepts of programming with a simple interface adapted to the little ones in the house.

All the details of GCompris 2.0 can be consulted through the KDE news portal and the official announcement, while the suite is available for your download from the corresponding section on the project website for Linux, Raspberry Pi, Android, Windows and macOS. There is also a compilation Flatpak posted on Flathub, but it is still in version 1.1.

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