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GIMP 2.10.28 Released with bug fixes and more,

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GIMP 2.10.28 is the new stable version of the most popular free software image editor and if you notice something strange in its numbering, you have noticed. About what? Now we explain it to you, but go ahead that this is a most bland update, as welcome as it may be.

In summary, if the previous stable version of the application was GIMP 2.10.24 and only pairs are considered this way, the normal thing is that this one that concerns us now would be 20.10.26 and not 20.10.28, but… «A compilation error just after tagging the version ”, they explain in the official announcement , so“ GIMP 2.10.28 is the same without that error ”. And not only that: “We recommend not compiling it as GIMP 2.10.26”, they add.

Windowsfx 11, a whole Linux flavored like Windows 11 and without the need for TPM

So white and in the bottle: GIMP 2.10.28 is the new stable version of the application and like the previous ones … Well, neither: unlike the previous ones, whose development was quite alive and incorporated the most interesting news, GIMP 2.10.26 GIMP 2.10.28 is neither more nor less than regular a maintenance update, with nothing more than bug fixes and the like that mainly affected Windows and Mac.

The highlights of GIMP 2.10.28 therefore include the above: fixes for Windows, better performance in macOS Big Sur… as well as fixes for OpenBSD, updates to various plugins , general accessibility fixes, a new feature for Script-Fu to create directories from scripts … and updates in a few of the supported languages, including Spanish and Catalan. Basically this brings GIMP 2.10.28.

Why such a sad version, when the development of GIMP had taken a good momentum after a couple of years? From what you can already imagine: “although we will probably have new interesting features in other versions of 2.10.x, today most of the development of features occurs in the development version for the future GIMP 3 “, conclude the developers, and they are already going for version 2.99.8 of what will be GIMP 3.

Be that as it may, GIMP 2.10.28 is the stable version in progress and if you wonder where to download it from, the answer is from the usual channels: the repositories of your distribution, arrive when it arrives, like Flatpak on Flathub, like Snap (not yet has been updated, but it should not take long) and in the case that you use Ubuntu 20.04 or higher, including derivatives, the PPA repository is fine.

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