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GNOME 41 RC1 Download with fixes beta bugs

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The beta version for GNOME 41 from August 25th is now followed by a release candidate GNOME 41 RC1 (Download). Release manager Javier Jardón announced this on the GNOME mailing list . The stable release of GNOME 41 is scheduled for September 22nd.

Bug fixes

The present GNOME 41.rc1 fixes some bugs from the beta version and also brings small improvements. A bug in the Calls app that prevented SIP from working when using multiple network interfaces has been fixed. The browser GNOME Web, formerly Epiphany, now asks for hanging websites whether they should be closed. In addition, a bug has been fixed that caused the browser to crash if the action to delete all passwords was used.

Hey Linux user, let’s talk about Fedora 35 and GNOME 41

The fallback to has been fixed for the login manager GDM. GNOME Boxes can now use VNC if Spice is not available. GNOME Maps offers updated OSM POI types (Points of Interest) for editing. In addition, the use of the shopping cart symbol in the search results has been restricted to supermarket-like locations. At GNOME Music, the new design has been further refined. The GNOME Settings daemon now automatically activates the platform’s energy-saving profile when the battery is low. In addition, the display is darkened earlier and the notifications about the status of the battery are generalized. All other changes to GNOME 41.rc1 can be found here .

Fedora with, Ubuntu without

If you want to compile the release candidate yourself, you can find the source packages in the download section , the official build stream is also available there. The developers have also provided a current image that should be used in a virtual machine such as GNOME Boxes. GNOME 41 will be the first to ship with Fedora 35 as the default desktop on October 19th. Ubuntu 21.10 “Impish Indri” will be shipped with GNOME 40 on October 14th, enriched with some apps from version 41.

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