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GNOME Circle – Top Useful Apps for GNOME Users

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With the GNOME Circle , the GNOME Foundation promotes the development of useful applications and tools for the everyday life of a GNOME user.

In a series of articles we now present various useful applications from the GNOME Circle project.

1. Apostrophes

Apostrophe is a simple Markdown editor that has no distracting elements and takes up the entire screen in full screen mode. The editor supports the Hemingway mode (no correction option for written text) and the focus mode (highlighting the current text section before the previously written text).


The editor supports export to many different file formats such as PDF, ODT, HTML, LaTeX, RST, EPUB and others.

Other functions such as B. Spell check, LaTeX support or different Markdown distributions are also available.

Apostrophe can be installed from the Flathub repository .

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2. Fragments

Fragments is a simple BitTorrent client with support for .torrent files and magnet links. The application does not have any special setting options.


Fragments can be installed from the Flathub repository .

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3. Tangram

Tangram is an application that developers call the new kind of web browser. The app is based on the principle of pinned tabs.


If you want to add a website, click on the “+” button in the title bar, enter a URL and save it. The website then appears with the title and the corresponding favicon in the sidebar as a tab a separate user agent can be set for a website.

Tangram uses WebKitGTK as its web engine, a branch of the WebKit developed freely by Apple or originally KDE , which is also used in Safari and Epiphany / GNOME Web.

Tangram can be installed from the Flathub repository .

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4. Shortwave

Shortwave is an internet radio stream player. The application relies on the Internet radio database of the Community Radio Browser with over 25,000 stations. Shortwave offers the possibility to stream these radio stations and, if necessary, to save the current songs.

Stations can also be added to your own library and displayed separately on the start page.

The app also offers the option of streaming the station to a device that supports Google Cast.

Created with GIMP

Shortwave can be installed from the Flathub repository .

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5. Password Safe

Password Safe is a password manager based on the free KeePass v.4 format. I. E. the Passwordsafe is saved as a .kdbx file, encrypted and locked with a password or a public key.

The app offers the option of saving user accounts, organizing them in groups, assigning colors and symbols to them and adding attachments, notes and attributes.

Furthermore, passwords can be checked for strength and new ones generated.

Password Safe

Password Safe can be installed from the Flathub repository .

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That was my Top 5 of the total apps of the GNOME Circle so far. Which of these do you use? Let us know in the comments.


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