Google removes restrictions on students only from Summer of Code

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Google has announced the annual Google Summer of Code 2022 (GSoC) event aimed at encouraging newbies to work on open source projects. The event is being held for the seventeenth time, but it differs from previous programs in the removal of restrictions on the participation of only undergraduate and graduate students. From now on, any adult who has turned 18 years old can become a GSoC participant, but with the condition that he has not previously made a significant contribution to the development of projects outside the GSoC event and has not participated in the GSoC more than two times. It is understood that the event will now be able to help beginners who want to change their field of activity or are engaged in self-education.

The schedule of the event has also changed – instead of a fixed 12-week cycle, the participant is given up to 22 weeks to complete the work. The program now also allows not only medium-level tasks, which require about 175 hours to complete, but also large projects that require about 350 hours to complete.

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In previous years, 18 thousand students from 112 countries successfully completed the tasks. More than 15 thousand mentors from 746 open projects took part in the formation of tasks. For the successfully completed work, the mentor from the open project will receive $ 500, but the payments to the participants have not yet been determined (previously they paid $ 5500).

The GSoC 2022 schedule has not yet been approved. Initially, a two-week stage of accepting applications from representatives of open source projects will begin, after which a list of tasks will be announced. Then the participants should choose a project they like and discuss the possibility of its implementation with the representatives of the projects that submitted the application. Further, representatives of open source projects will select participants who will be engaged in the execution of work.

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