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GRUB 2.06 Update After 2 Year

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I, who started using Linux in 2010, still have a sense of “danger” every time I read this term. It’s not too bad, but if you have problems with it and you don’t know how to fix it, the bootloader failure can be interpreted in recovery and loss of information. And again, in this category of managers there may be a shortage and drugs such as those corrected by GRUB 2.06 , whose new version arrived a year late and probably two after vv 2.04.

The GRUB 2.06 release is scheduled for 2020, but it has not come. The exact reasons have not been disclosed, but we already know that 2020 was not the most common year in the world. Again, recently they found bugs that needed to be fixed, so, as has always been said, it is not too late if the fun is good and if the delay is for a good reason. Available experiment from March, now launched su version stable .

GRUB 2.06 Important

  • Several links have been calculated to increase consistency. So far, many shares have handled matters in their own way. After working together, this has changed.
  • SBAT Support.
  • It now supports LUKS2 encryption volume.
  • Tsigiro yeXen Security Modules (XSM / FLASK).
  • BootHole / BootHole2 secure configuration.
  • Support for GCC 10+ and Clang 10+ in non-version versions recently released, ever since GCC 11 y Clang 12 They have already released their standard versions.

Bootloaders are particularly hard parts, so it is not recommended ( although you can ) install or replace them yourself. And again, different Linux distributions add those new packages as upgrades as quickly as they can, so, I think, it’s not worth taking any risks, especially for shared users who have their own upgrade mod in Rolling Output.

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