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How to Clean Up Your Ubuntu System ?

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Today’s topic is about how to clean up Ubuntu system and make more room and space, are you running out of space? This is often the quite common problem that you simply often clash due to many useless files that gather daily, and you forget to delete them from the system. Thanks to this, you would possibly feel that your system is slow, lagging despite you’re up-to-date.

Well in this Post, I’m going to show you how to clean up your Ubuntu system and obtain more room space.

1.Uninstall & remove all the unnecessary software from your system.

Using your default Ubuntu Software manager, remove the unnecessary & unwanted applications that you don’t use.

2. Remove unwanted unnecessary Packages and Dependencies

After removing those apps, files, and packages some data is left still, automatically bestowing upon the user the responsibility of rooting out the remnant data and deleting them. Ubuntu has an inbuilt cleaner that you can access through your terminal using the following command:

#apt-get autoremove

3. Regularly clean the APT cache

Apt (Advanced Package Tool) cache is a place where Ubuntu keeps all the files that you have downloaded, installed or uninstalled on your system. It keeps them (in your /var/cache/apt/archives directory).

Entering this command find your apt cache size.

#du -sh /var/cache/apt

After knowing the size of the cache on your system, you can clear this cache using the below command.

#apt-get clean

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