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How to install VLC Player on Ubuntu

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Install VLC Player on Ubuntu is Easy Process, Well VLC is Most Popular Cross-Platform Open Source free Multimedia Video Player Officially Supports to Ubuntu Linux As well as Various other Linux OS also, VLC Player is Easy to Play All the Video Files, Audio-CD, Video-DVD & Online Video Streaming Protocols.

So in that article today I’m going to show you how to install VLC on Ubuntu Linux. Well you can Following Two Way install VLC on Ubuntu.

Method 1: Installing VLC Using Ubuntu Software Center

  • Open Ubuntu Apps Store (Formally Ubuntu Software Center)
  • Click on Search & Search VLC Simply you Appear VLC Player
  • Click on VLC Player & Install with Authorized Password Access
  • Boom Simply Installed VLC on Your Ubuntu OS
install VLC on ubuntu LTS

Method 2: Using Linux Terminal to Install VLC in Ubuntu

  • Open Terminal
  • Type ; sudo snap install VLC
  • Provide the sudo password for authentication and installation.
  • VLC will be downloaded and installed automatically.
how to install vlc on ubuntu

Ubuntu 21.04 Beta Available to Download.

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